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    Shijiazhuang Chen Tai Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. has production experience in R & D of organic gas treatment and production. By continuous technological innovation and practice summary, the company successfully develops the automatic equipment of GVC gas recovery which can be widely used in petroleum Chemical and related storage and transportation, perfusion and so on. The device consists of the system of adsorption and the system of absorption. The special adsorbent is used to adsorb the hydrocarbon in oil gas by the great surface area. the system of adsorption is the work of two adsorbers alternately. Oil gas enters from the bottom of the adsorber into the absorber. Purified gas is discharged from the adsorption tank top. When the outlet concentration reaches the set value, the outlet valve opens and the valve of vacuum desorption automatically closes, while vacuum pump starts to reduce the pressure of carbon bed, the oil gas deadsorbs from the pore of activated carbon and into the absorption system by vacuum pump. absorption system composed by the absorber and two pumps. The deadsorbed gas is absorbed counter-currently by oil from the tank with the room temperature. Oil gas unabsorbed is  sent back into the system of adsorption. The whole process is PLC controlled, and with a security proof systems.
   our company independently develop the automatic equipment of GVC gas recovery. At present, company has a series of work: R & D, design and equipment production, security transfer, after-sales service
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