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Process description: the system of Activated Carbon exhaust gas purification consists of pretreatment system, adsorption system, desorption systems, piping systems, condensate recovery system and other components. The whole system is shown as:when the A adsorption adsorber adsorbs, B adsorption adsorber desorbs, C adsorption adsorber drys. When the organic waste gas enters into the tank, the organic component is adsorbed by Activated Carbon, purified gas is discharged from the adsorption tank top. A, B, C adsorption adsorbers can switch automatically. System uses low pressure steam for the desorption agent. Steam enter from the top into the tank and through the granular activated carbon; Organics Adsorbed was deadsorbed; a mixture of organic matter and water vapor is condensation through condensation.if the organic material is insoluble in water, the mixture is separated into the tank by gravity sedimentation; if organic material is solubility in water, the misture will be carried out post-processing (eg, distillation, etc.). System is running all the switch by the automatic control system. (Note: According to the process requirements, the system can be designed for single tank or dual tanks, multi-tank system)
Scope of application
      Activated Carbon exhaust gas purification device can be widely used in chemical, petrochemical, coating, medicine, pesticides, photographic materials, rubber, plastics, leather, paint, canned cars, printing and other industries a large number of organic gas emissions from the recovery
    Chemical industry production of various types of organic chemicals, pharmaceutical production and various types of resin in the gas production process;             
    Cars, motorcycles, bicycles and plastic industry, metal surface coating emissions;
    Machinery, ships, appliances, furniture, building materials industry, metal parts and plastic parts surface coating emissions;
    Footwear industry, "BTX" exhaust; printing, various types of emissions
    Electronic, enameled wire production process of various types of emissions;
    Asphalt, rubber production process various types of emissions;
    Food processing various types of waste generated in the process: other malodorous gases.
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